Servicemaster 24/7 Restoration strives to ensure excellent customer service and superior quality. We also have Highly Trained IICRC Certified Technicians to ensure our high expectations of quality and customer service are always exceeded.

The appearance of your home can be negatively affected by your carpet, nothing in your home absorbs more than your carpet. Carpet Manufacturer’s, as well as the IICRC (the highest quality standard in the industry), recommends your carpet be professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. Most rented carpet cleaning equipment leaves your carpet wet with detergent residue. At Servicemaster 24/7 Restoration in Knoxville, TN we have only the highest quality, top of the line carpet cleaning equipment and expertise to ensure the most effective cleaning possible. We exclusively offer Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction Method of cleaning. The benefit of this cleaning method far exceeds any other type of cleaning method available today. Customers may also benefit from this because unlike so many other companies, the method we use requires nothing being provided by our customers. The truck does it all, it has its own water supply and power is generated from the truck. No need for our customers to supply anything.

Upon arrival, our technician will greet you, discuss all aspects of cleaning, and answer any questions you may have about our service. We always prefer our customer’s to show the technicians the areas to be cleaned and discuss any concerns relating to spots or stains before the cleaning. *Protective furniture pads/blocks may be placed under furniture at this time.* The technician, with approval from the customer, will then decide what products should be used to reach maximum effectiveness for the cleaning and apply those products allowing dwell time before proceeding with the cleaning. The carpet will then be rinsed clear with our truck mounted hot water (steam) extraction wands, and groomed to ensure even and proper time for drying.

We also haveGreen CleaningProducts available upon request. OurGreen CleaningProducts have a reduced environmental impact, with environmentally friendly ingredients. OurGreen CleaningProducts are approved by leading environmental organizations. Ideal for those with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, or other upper respiratory problems.

Man Using the Carpet Cleaning Machine, Knoxville, TN