DR Brand Promise

”Whether the water, smoke or fire emergency is large or small, we will do everything humanly possible to help restore people’s lives and homes and businesses to normal. We know that doing the best technical job is expected. What we do is understand the emotional needs of those involved and deliver a remarkable customer service experience.”

 In order to start focusing on the brand of ServiceMaster Restore Disaster Restoration, we must start with a defining brand promise. A brand promise is a statement of what our brand stands for, or what it promises to our customers. It is a statement not just about our company, but the way we serve our customers.

Brand promises in other industries include Volvo’s promise of safety, Nordstrom’s emphasis on service and Wal-Mart’s focus on low cost. In each example, those brands listened to their customers and made a conscious decision to deliver what they wanted most of all.

For Our Customers:

Homeowners want to know that we will quickly return their homes, and their lives, to normal and that we will do so with as little confusion possible.
An agent wants to know that his or her policyholder is given the kind of service and care that reflects back positively.

Claim representatives do not want any surprises.

These audiences want the confidence of knowing that we are looking after their best interests. They want and need to trust us; they want reassurance and comfort. They want “Peace of Mind”, and this is the brand promise we must deliver every single day on every job.

Think about it from the customer’s perspective:
Their property is damaged, and so are their emotions. They may be going on little or no sleep, fearful of the state of their most valuable possession, or suffering through other losses caused by the disaster.

Imagine yourself in the same situation, without the knowledge you have of our industry. Would you feel secure or reassured when a technician begins taking apart your walls or baseboards without first explaining what needs to be done and why?

We have an opportunity to make a lasting, positive and perhaps heroic impression on each job. Communication is essential in demonstrating we are capable, caring, thorough, confident and consistent.

ServiceMaster Restore on-site crews have the opportunity to turn every customer into one of our brand’s biggest fans. A simple explanation of a customer’s damage and the reasoning behind the work needed to get their lives back to normal is enough to build trust. Follow through with professional, careful and consistent service, and that customer will appreciate your work and attention to every detail including, and perhaps most importantly, his or her “Peace of Mind.”